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Everything You Ought To Know About The GRE Syllabus

In this article we provide you with a detailed analysis about how to go about Understanding University Offers.

If you desire to pursue your masters or post graduation from a foreign country in any given subject, you might have to undertake the GRE i.e Graduate Record Examination (GRE) which is a standardized entrance test lasting for 3 hours and 45 minutes for PG admission in many universities across the USA, UK, Canada, and some other countries. It is organized by the Educational Testing Service. GRE score is one of the most important criteria for admission in many reputed colleges and universities in these countries. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the GRE syllabus.  

GRE Exam Pattern-

The GRE exam pattern has two different test formats i.e the GRE General Test and the Subject Test, each with a separate GRE syllabus. 

  1. GRE General Test:  The GRE General Test syllabus is the standardized examination made to test a student’s verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills as a part of the GRE exam syllabus.
  2. GRE Subject Test: Some colleges might require a separate GRE subject test for specialized courses to judge the student’s proficiency in the specific subject. 

Analytical Writing |GRE Syllabus

The Analytical Writing section of the GRE syllabus measures the student’s ability to articulate complex ideas clearly, support arguments with logical reasons and examples and critically examine the given evidence. It requires students to provide focused answers based on the 2 questions given- critically analyze the given argument and provide their own argument based on the given data and evidence on a particular issue as part of the GRE exam syllabus. This section ideally lasts for 60 minutes.   

Verbal Reasoning

The  GRE Verbal syllabus, a part of the  GRE General Test syllabus,  tests your English language skills and the ability to analyze and make inferences from a given discourse, identify author assumptions and perspectives, make reasoned judgments from incomplete data, assign multiple meanings to text including literal and figurative, summarize a text, understand its structure and note its important points and understand the meaning of words. Verbal Reasoning i.e the GRE verbal syllabus is divided into 2 sections with 20 questions per section and 30 minutes of time allotted to each section. 

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Quantitative Reasoning | GRE Syllabus

The Quantitative Reasoning section or Quants section tests your numerical reasoning and ability to understand and analyze quantitative data, solve mathematical problems, and your application of mathematical concepts like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, etc. of the secondary school levels. This section allows the use of a calculator and consists of 2 sections with 20 questions each, with an allotted time of 35 minutes per section. 


 GRE Subject Tests Syllabus– 

The GRE subject tests assess a student’s knowledge of their chosen field or major at university and are used by some universities as selection criteria along with UG scores, recommendation letters, etc. The tests are conducted in the following 6 major disciplines- 

  1. Biology- The biology GRE test syllabus covers three major areas- Cellular and molecular biology, Organism biology and Ecology and evolution
  2. Chemistry- The chemistry  GRE test syllabus consists of 120 MCQs in the following areas- Analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. 
  3. English Literature test- This test is used to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of English literature based on the topics of Literary analysis, Identification, Cultural and historical context,  and History and theory of literary criticism. 
  4. Mathematics- This test is to evaluate a student’s mathematical skills based on topics like algebra, calculus and discrete mathematics and real analysis. It consists of 66 questions. 
  5. Physics- This test consists of 100 MCQs based on descriptions of physical situations, diagrams, graphs or experimental analysis.
  6. Psychology- This test consists of 205 MCQs on various psychological fields like social psychology, biological psychology, history, and clinical, developmental, social, and cognitive psychology.


1) What are the subjects for the GRE test?

Graduate and business schools commonly use the GRE General Test to screen applicants. Some schools may require GRE Subject Tests, which assess knowledge in specific fields of study. Literature in English, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology are the subjects for the GRE test. 

2) Where do I get the complete GRE syllabus and pattern?

The GRE exam assesses your knowledge of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis, as well as your command of college-level vocabulary. Byjus and Manhattan prep are the two sources where you can get the complete GRE syllabus and pattern. 

3) Is there any similarity between the GRE syllabus and the GATE syllabus?

GRE is an examination for getting admission to Indian universities, whereas GATE is an examination for admission to universities located outside of India, primarily in the United States. There is no similarity between the GRE syllabus and the GATE syllabus. GRE and GATE are completely different from each other.

4) How much time does it usually take to complete the GRE syllabus?

The amount of time people choose to spend preparing for the GRE varies greatly. Most people, however, spend one to three months studying a few hours per week for the GRE. This means that the amount of time spent studying for the GRE could range between eight hours and 120 hours. It usually takes 6 months to complete the GRE syllabus

5) What does the GRE Verbal Reasoning section test?

The GRE General Test’s Verbal Reasoning measure assesses your ability to analyse and evaluate written material as well as synthesise information obtained from it. It examines the relationships between sentence components and recognises the relationships between words and concepts.

6) What does the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section test?

The GRE General Test Quantitative Reasoning measure evaluates your basic mathematical skills. The GRE Quantitative Reasoning section tests your:  Understanding of basic mathematical concepts, your ability to reason quantitatively and your ability to solve problems using quantitative methods.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the GRE syllabus. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs. 

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In this article we provide you with a detailed analysis about how to go about Understanding University Offers.

Everything You Ought To Know About The GRE Syllabus

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