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GMAT vs GRE- A Thorough Analysis

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If you have made a decision to pursue your postgraduate education abroad with an MBA, first of all, we would like to congratulate you for such a great decision that will take you to the heights of success! However, to enroll in a foreign university for MBA you might need to clear either the following entrance tests-  Graduate Record Exam i.e GRE, or GMAT i.e Graduate Management Aptitude Test. In this article, we will compare GMAT vs GRE to understand the difference between GRE and GMAT and decide which is the better option for you.


GMAT vs GRE for MBA-  Which is easier GMAT or GRE? To understand this, we need to know the basics of the two tests first. GRE is an objective and standardized test taken by people who want to pursue a PG in any subject in a foreign university. The exam lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes and is divided into 3 sections- Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. The first is designed to check your writing skills and the last is to test your reasoning skills. The Analytical Writing section involves writing an analysis on 2 arguments while the Verbal and Quants section have 40 MCQs each.  The exam is marked on a scale of 260-340, in 1-point increments.


GMAT vs GRE for MBA- The GMAT is a specific test used only for admission to MBA programs and business programs in business schools which lasts for 3 hours 30 minutes and is divided into four sections including Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Analytical writing requires the written analysis of 1 argument within 30 minutes.  Integrated Reasoning has 12 questions, Quantitative Reasoning requires you to answer 31 questions and Verbal Reasoning has 36 questions, all in MCQs to be answered within the given time frame.  The test is scored on a scale of 200-800, in 10-point increments.

GMAT vs GRE- What Are The Differences? 

To compare GMAT vs GRE, and to understand the difference between GRE and GMAT, keep the following points in mind- 

GRE vs GMAT difficulty and technical differences- 

  1. Exam fees- GRE requires you to pay a fee of $205 while the fees for GMAT are slightly higher at $250.
  2. Difficulty level- In GMAT, if you answer a question correctly, the next question is of a higher difficulty level. In GRE, the difficulty level increases not per question but per sub section- if a section like Verbal, Quants, etc. comes with 2 or 3 sub sections and you answer one correctly, the next subsection is of a higher difficulty level.
  3. In GMAT, you cannot skip, change or return to your answers. This option is available in a GRE exam 
  4. Both GMAT and GRE have an analytical writing section in which you have to assess the claims of an author’s argument and give it your evaluation based on the given evidence. In GRE there is an additional question in which you are required to give your personal analysis of an issue by taking a stand and supporting it with evidence from the argument.
  5. In terms of vocabulary skills, GRE is more vocabulary intensive while GMAT is more focused on testing your logical and analytical skills. 
  6. In GRE exams you are permitted to use a calculator for the Quants section but this is not allowed in a GMAT exam. 
  7. GMAT has a unique Integrated Reasoning section of 12 sections that require the exam taker to understand and manipulate the given data in the form of tables, charts, graphs, etc. This section is not present in the GRE- it has a different question type unique to it, i.e a  quantitative comparison sub-section.

Which test is easier: GRE or GMAT? 

Is GRE easier than GMAT? Generally speaking, people with strong analytical reasoning and logical reasoning skills gravitate towards the GMAT because of its focus on such questions while people with a strong vocabulary, language skills and creative mindset tend to gravitate towards the GRE because of the nature of its question. However, this, as mentioned above, is a general analysis and it is possible for anyone to give either exam with the right amounts of effort and hard work. 

How To Choose Between GMAT vs GRE?

Is GRE easier than GMAT? Or is GMAT more simple? One of the best ways to choose between GMAT vs GRE is to undertake practice tests of both the exams and analyze the results and scores critically to see which test fits your knowledge and skill levels better. 

We hope this article helped to clear all your doubts and queries on GRE vs GMAT difficulty and understand which is easier- GMAT or GRE.


1) Do Business Schools prefer the GMAT or GRE?

The GRE is a test that students can take to obtain admission to graduate programs across practically all subjects, including the MBA, while the GMAT is a test that is exclusively created for applicants to business schools. The GMAT has typically been given preference over the GRE in business schools.

2) How long are my GMAT and GRE scores valid?

Your GMAT and GRE results are valid for five years following the exam date, and they must be obtained prior to submitting your application.

3) How Important is Your GRE or GMAT Score?

Your GMAT or GRE score is a very important part of your application process. You need to score well on the tests to get admission to your target university. A good GRE or GMAT score gives you an advantage and places you above the rest during the time of your application. 

4) Should I Take the GMAT or GRE?

It totally depends on which university you want to apply to and the course you want to pursue. People who desire to study for a graduate degree in any field at a foreign university take the GRE, an objective and standardized exam. Your GRE score can work for all subjects, but if you are specific about getting admission to a business school then you should go for the GMAT exam. 

5) What are the fees to take the GMAT and GRE?

The cost to take a GRE exam is $205, while you need to pay slightly higher, a $250 fee to take the GMAT test.

6) Can I retake the GMAT or GRE? 

You are permitted to take the GMAT in person up to five times in a calendar year, and scores are valid for five years. You may only take the test once every 16 calendar days, and you are limited to a total of 8 tests over your lifetime. Similarly, you can take the GRE up to five times in each 12-month period and once every 21 days. You can select which test results are submitted to the colleges you’re applying to if you take the exam more than once.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on GMAT vs GRE. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs. 

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Best Streams In MBA

GMAT vs GRE- A Thorough Analysis