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Everything To Know About New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships

Sports Scholarships For International Students

The New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship is for international students from Southeast Asian countries who wish to pursue their higher education in New Zealand. The country offers students from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with an intention to help them make sustainable developments in their home countries. 

ASEAN Scholarships are made available for the following levels of study: 

  1. Postgraduate certificate (6 months) 
  2. Postgraduate diploma (1 year) 
  3. Masters Degree (1-2 years)
  4. PhD (3-4 years)

Candidates must apply for those fields of study that resonate with the development needs of their home countries. 

What Does The New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship Include? 

New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship

  1. Full tuition fees
  2. Living allowance that is paid fortnightly 
  3. Medical and travel insurance 
  4. Initial expense allowances (deposits, application fees, etc.)
  5. Assistance with thesis and research work costs for research students

Eligibility For New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

  1. Candidates must be 18 years of age when the scholarship commences. 
  2. Be a citizen of the SouthEast Nations or a permanent resident.
  3. Candidates must agree to return to their home country for a period of 2 years after the scholarship is completed.
  4. Meet the academic and educational requirements of the university or college they are applying to. Only the students that have been granted the scholarship must take English Proficiency Tests (EPTs) if required. 
  5. Students applying for a PhD course must also look for a supervisor prior to applying for the scholarship.
  6. Postgraduate scholarship applicants or undergraduate students applying for postgraduate courses must also have relevant work experience. They must be able to explain how their work experience relates to the course they have applied for. Candidates must either have 1 year full-time work experience in related field or 2 years of part time work experience in related field. 

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How Are ASEAN Scholars Selected?

Candidates must keep in mind the following steps that typical institutes follow while granting an ASEAN scholarship to their students:

  1. Applicant Screening: Applicants are assessed against the eligibility criteria and selection guidelines. The preferred courses of the applicants are compared to the courses suggested by the New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade
  2. For PhD Students: PhD Students are suggested to get in touch with their research supervisors if they haven’t already done so. They must also be able to show how their research topic would benefit their home country.
  3. Psychometric Testing: Once a candidate is selected, they would receive an email containing links to two psychometric tests. First would be a reasoning test and the second would be a personality test. These tests need to be completed within 10 days of having received the links. 
  4. Proving English Proficiency: Applicants that pass the psychometric test would then be required to provide evidence of their English language skills through EPTs like IELTS or TOEFL. If the candidates meet the requirements of the English language, they would be asked for an interview which is the last step of this process. 
  5. Interview Stage: The applicants would be interviewed by the New Zealand High Commission and the New Zealand Embassy.  This interview would be conducted online in the applicant’s home country. 

Criteria To Become An ASEAN Scholar

New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship

The selection process for the New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards is very competitive. Every year more than 11,000 students apply for this scholarship. New Zealand offers the ASEAN Scholarship to students who do exceptionally well as compared to the other applicants. The general criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. Candidates must be able to demonstrate strong academic ability. 
  2. Must be 39 years or younger at the time of application.
  3. Choose subjects that align with the recommended subjects. 
  4. They must have work experience in the relevant field of subject they have applied for. 
  5. Applicants must choose a subject that would help them to contribute to their country’s development.
  6. Applicants must show qualities of resilience, agility, integrity and communication.

Applicants must adhere to the deadlines of applications and must keep themselves updated regularly on the requirements and other general information. 

ASEAN Scholarships provides students with fully-funded scholarships, partially funded scholarships, and assistance for full tuition fees. The following universities from all around the world are among the top providers of the ASEAN scholarships: 

  1. Hebei University of Technology Government Scholarship – Fully Funded for Masters and PhD.
  2.  Amsterdam University PhD in Statistics and Machine Learning – Fully Funded for PhD
  3. University of Oulu Full Tuition Fee Program for International Students – Full Tuition Fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s
  4. Danish Government Scholarships 2021 – Fully Funded Graduate Scholarships
  5. University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards in Canada – Partially Funded
  6. Strathclyde Business School Masters Scholarships for International Students 2020 – Partially Funded for Masters

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Sports Scholarships For International Students

Everything To Know About New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships

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