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Fun And Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas For A Theme Party

Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas

Were you recently invited to a themed fancy dress party and don’t have any cheap fancy dress ideas? I assure you that by the end of this article, you will come up with something creative and fun. This article will help you find the perfect fancy dress without spending a lot of money.

Without further ado, let’s see some of the coolest fancy dress ideas for a college or a university theme fancy dress party. 

7 Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas

Here are some things you can do. Remember, you don’t have to stick to these ideas, think out of the box and add your own element of creativity to these fancy dress ideas. 

Cheerleader Fancy Dress 

If you are in a college or university where sports and athletics cultures are considered in high regard then this is one of the perfect and the cheapest fancy dress ideas for you. One can never go wrong with a cheerleader’s outfits and if things go well at a party, it’ll be because you were one of the main people to hype it up. If you are thinking of attending a Halloween party or celebrating the holidays, you can always add your own twist to the outfit of a cheerleader. Add a backstory to your character, get your accessories such as a basketball or a baseball cap, you can be creative with a cheerleader’s costume without losing its essence. 

A typical cheerleader’s outfit would cost between  £11 and £13 depending on the size and delivery. There are many universities in the UK that offer students with sports scholarships and celebrate their teams’ success and failures together in several fields of athletics and sports. 

Tetris Block Dress With Friends 

If you’ve got a group of friends and you all are unable to find cheap fancy dress ideas for a fun college party, you have completely missed out on the Tetris Block Dress. 

This costume typically ranges between £10 to £15 and you can buy a set of 5 pieces easily if all of you contribute equally. This is a perfect way to look united at a party and at the same time not missing out on a minute of fun. 

Mime For The Minimalist 

If you are not very fond of parties and costumes but are being forced to become a part of one for the night, you might as well do your best and have a good time. The best way to not put in a lot of effort to find a costume and still do a great job playing a character is if you play a mime. What makes this a great idea for a fancy dress is that the only rule you have to follow throughout the night (at least until everyone is sober and in their character), is no talking. 

This is one of the cheap fancy dress ideas that you’ll have a lot of fun playing and can be arranged for using black and white pieces of clothing.

Who doesn’t have a black plant and a white shirt or vice-versa? If you are following a budget to save money, this costume is perfect for you. All you have got to pay for is some white and black paint. Get creative with the character, some areas of your face white and the rest of it black. 

For A Pyjama Party 

If you want to rock a house party with your friends and want to feel comfortable doing it, I suggest you find a fancy jumpsuit. These jumpsuits are very comfortable and keep you warm throughout the night. If you plan on staying indoors and want to add a little twist to your party, ask your friends to wear something cosy and cute. 

Panda jumpsuits are quite common and are easily affordable. The best part about buying one is that you can use it by yourself during winters as it will keep you warm and relaxed. 

Dress As Superheroes 

Everyone loves a good superhero and one can never go wrong with it (unless you find a Marvel fan at a DC’s party). If you’re confident enough and know that you can pull off a certain character well, this can be one of the cheap fancy dress ideas and the 11th-hour saviour. 

The demand for superhero merchandise is always high as children from all generations enjoy it. Therefore, it is very easy to find superhero costumes in malls, plazas and other retail stores. 

Magicians For A Couple

If you have got a partner you will be attending this fancy dress function with, you might want to think of a character that’s common to you both. The costumes of magicians are really majestic and fancy. They look more like dresses for a royal event than an outfit for a weekend party. The idea of dressing like a magician will only absolutely look good if there is an assistant with the magician or a subject he or she can do magic on. You can easily find magician costumes at online retail stores or can make one by yourself at home. Either way, these costumes are really easy and make up for cheap fancy dress ideas that you can really get creative with. 

Characters From Your Favourite Show 

What’s really fun in a dress themed party is when you enjoy others laughing at you as much as you enjoy laughing at them. The best way to bond with your anyone is by finding out things that are common and things you both (or all) might enjoy. This can also include favourite games, sports or even TV shows!  

The next time you think of throwing a party at your house, encourage your friends to wear their favourite TV character. If you’re throwing a party for the first time, you don’t have to worry about people gelling with each other because that is bound to happen. 


Dressing up as a caveman or a cavewoman may be a cliche idea for a fancy dress but it sure is the cheapest and the most easily accessible. Even if you are unable to find a proper caveman outfit, you can create one super easily using your old clothes. There are many DIYs available online to help you with this.

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Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas

Fun And Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas For A Theme Party

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