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5 Of The Best Gadgets For Students Of All Times

best gadgets for students

If you’re thinking about studying at a university abroad, you may have made arrangements for your funding, scholarships, student housing and accommodation. However, as you’re packing your suitcases to pursue your higher education, you need to make the most practical and helpful purchases that will help your study abroad experience. There are some of student gadgets that have made the lives of many students traveling abroad for their education, a lot more easier. 

Today, I’m going to share with you the 5 best gadgets for students:

Best Gadgets For Students 2021 

Helly Hansen Infinity Jackets

best gadgets for students

If you are living in the UK or part of Europe, you might be well acquainted with unpredictable weather. I for once am not very fond of unexpected showers or long walks in the drizzle. It’s not like you’re always prepared for the showers. Sometimes when you wake up at 7am the sky is as clear as the day and there are no signs of clouds or heavy rainfall. More often than not, the weather conditions outside have a huge say in the outfit you choose to wear for the day. So you get ready for a lecture at 11 am and are about to step out of the house. That’s when you hear the rain shower from your window. 

To avoid delaying yourself any further, you should have chosen wearing the Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Infinity jacket instead of your old cardigan. Helly Hansen’s minimalist waterproof jacket looks like an ordinary rain jacket but is far from mainstream. Counted as one of the best tech gadgets for students , the material of the jacket is unlike the usual water resistant jackets. Most waterproof coats are sprayed with a chemical that makes the material water repellent. However, the chemical wears off within a few years of the use. 

The Helly Odin Waterproof jackets are designed to suit any type of weather, especially rains. Since the material these jackets are made of are water resistant in itself, you don’t have to worry about it losing its use over time.  

Antitheft Bag With USB Port

Electronics are one of the most importance and most expensive belongings a student carries with them. It may be a tablet, a laptop or a phone, there was a point when electronics were a luxury. But in the present decade of 2020, laptops and tablets have become an undeniable part of the college backpack.

Antitheft backpacks are innovative and have changed the game of fashion and technology. The main element of an anti theft backpack is that the main zip is hidden and not very approachable to a 2nd or 3rd person. With secret pockets all around the bag, it would make it extremely difficult for a thief or a robber to take what he needs without your consent. 

Why are anti theft bags important? 

The reason why these bags became one of the best gadgets for studying in 2020, is because the use was not limited to college or university. Anti theft bags became popular in corporate offices as well as with regular travellers. While it was designed for college students, the anti theft bags have been successful in keeping the pickpockets clueless. 

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Rocketbook Everlast 

best gadgets for students

Forget about forgetting your notes at home. We know how frustrating it can be when you have meticulously studied for a test but forget to get it to your classroom to help yourself revise before the test. You know you have studied everything but can’t remember that one topic you had feared forgetting. Well, you definitely can’t access the notes in your phone because you haven’t used the Rocketbook Everlast

One of the world’s smartest notebooks, the Rocketbook everlast has a lot to offer and is an easily likable gadget. The notebook can be used indefinitely, you can erase and save notes and digitise them as well. The Rocketbook has integrated the traditional and digital ways of learning. There is no arguing that writing increases focus and memory. So instead of encouraging students to change their method of learning in order to become more digitized, The producers of the product transformed the learning experience for students. As a result, the notebook is one of the smartest and educational gadgets for students.

Grado GT220 Wireless Earbuds

Grado Wireless Earbuds have become the talk of every local town. One can credit the success of this gadget to its product design and ease of use, however the product has been replicated and adopted by many brands across the world. 

Even though Grado Might not be the world’s best earphone brand, however its sound quality is said to surpass its price. With a battery life of 36 hours and Bluetooth version 5.0, the ear bud is made to perfectly suit university students and their lifestyle. What makes the earbuds (not earphones!) different from the rest is that they are water and sweat resistant. Easy to wear and one cannot make out that you are listening to songs while sitting in your classroom because the earbuds are small and fit right into your ears. 

Even though they are so different, Grado is not different in its operation than normal earphones. In addition to wireless charging, you can attend to calls, listen to music and become addicted to its signature sound. 

HP Envy 5055 Portable Printer

This is undoubtedly an investment for your academic year. What makes this one of the best gadgets for students is that this is an automatic printer that can be controlled through your smartphone. It is an all in one portable printer that can print up

to 400 pages per month. You can now skip thinking about how early you’ll have to queue at your college administration before getting 2 pieces of paper printed. 

The portable printer has made the lives of thousands of university students easier. The printer is low maintenance and does not require heavy overhead costs. 


1. Are gadgets good for students?

Student gadgets have made the lives of many students travelling abroad for their education much easier. Students nowadays use the internet for research as well as online libraries to complete their assignments. As a result, gadgets can help students improve their learning skills.

2. Which gadget is best for students?

Helly Hansen Infinity Jackets, Antitheft Bag With USB Port, Grado GT220 Wireless Earbuds and HP Envy 5055 Portable Printer are the best gadgets for students.

3. How do gadgets help students in learning?

There are many educational gadgets for students available and these gadgets can help you save time, make your studies more interesting, and improve your grades. Every college student faces a variety of enormous tasks, but life becomes more efficient and simply smarter with these cool university gadgets. All of these gadgets help with note-taking, staying on track, and staying current on social media while learning, sitting in a lecture, or relaxing.

4. Which gadgets do students prefer for online learning?

Wireless mouse and keyboards, wireless routers, USB hubs, Webcam, Laptop stand, Mouse pad with wrist rest, and wireless headphones are some of the gadgets students should prefer for online learning.

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best gadgets for students

5 Of The Best Gadgets For Students Of All Times