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June 30, 2022

Tried everything to help improve your productivity while studying and nothing seems to be working? Well, there is a good chance it might be the direction in which you are studying and the way your room is designed. While some sceptics may question the credibility of designing your room to help make you more productive while studying, one can find the best direction to study for themselves supported by scientific research and facts. These directions and guides not only help improve your academic performance but also show positive effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. In this article, we help you pick the best direction to study as well as other tips to make your room your haven. 

Vastu And The Best Direction To Study

Vastu is a word in the Sanskrit language which translates verbatim to “live” and “you”. The word means the place you live. Traditional Indian texts that explain the science of architecture are called Vastu Shastra. Modern-day architectures and engineers take into account these texts while building a home because abiding by them is shown to drive positive energy, good health, prosperity and productivity into a person’s home. 

Vastu usually categorises spots in a house based on the four directions which are the East, West, North and South. According to Vastu, the best direction for a study table is to face the East or North-East direction. Texts say that as the sun rises in the East and ascends towards the North, this direction will enhance productivity, growth, and achievement. Studying facing the West or South-West direction is deemed unfavourable.

Vastu focuses deeply on energies and hence, open spaces are always encouraged in a bedroom and study area to help with the circulation of positive energies. Closed and stuffed spaces lead to claustrophobic negative energies which can adversely impact your attention, productivity and rhythm of work. 

Some Important Tips

Vastu goes back centuries and is supported scientifically in a variety of instances due to a large number of studies conducted over time. Population from the West as well as countries from across the globe can be seen turning to Vastu while building and designing their homes in search of a better and prosperous life.

Following discussed are a series of tips which are supported by both Vastu and science to help students study better in their homes and enhance their academic records. Without further ado, let’s settle the matter of the best direction to study.

  • The primary point we have discussed is to have your study area or table facing the East or North-East direction. 
  • An open space in front of the study table is recommended and if that is not possible, the study table should be against a wall. Having a study table against a door is a strict no-no. Following up on the wall, it is always advisable to not have an empty or blank wall the study table is put up against. A motivational poster or picture can work wonders in boosting a student’s morale so it is best to have one of those on the wall of the study table. 
  • There is always some clutter of notebooks, textbooks, papers, and stationery that can be found on a study table. This point is of special importance in following the best direction to study because a cluttered workspace will always lead to a cluttered mind. It is best to store all your study material in a cabinet or drawer once you are done with your work and not leave your desk untidy. It is advised that the east and north walls do not have any storage space like a cupboard or cabinet and that storage spaces are always structured on the west or south walls of a room. 
  • By no means should there be a mirror facing the study table as it causes an immense distraction while working. 
  • After discussing the best direction to study, another significant point of note is the colours used in the bedroom. A bedroom should always be painted in light pastel tones. Some favourable colours are violet, pastel green and pale yellow. Colours on the white end of the spectrum such as ivory, pearl-white, and off-white are touted to be among the best colours for a study room. They encourage and welcome positivity, productivity and a sense of peace and calm.
  • Now that we are done discussing the best direction to study scientifically, there are quite a few other tips which have nothing to do with the placement of your study table and the way in which your room is designed. Ways of enhancing productivity while studying are partaking in daily yoga and exercise which makes the mind alert throughout the day. A sound sleep which lasts a minimum of seven hours every night leaves you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day the next morning. And one last point is to just relax and give yourself timely breaks to not overstress yourself. 

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