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Best Country For Hotel Management | A Guide

The half-a-trillion-dollar industry of hospitality management continues to be a highly lucrative market. Despite a few setbacks in recent years, the major one being COVID-19, it has trudged forward and raked in billions of dollars in revenue throughout the globe. Countries from around the world constantly witness a huge demand for a skilled workforce from the best hotel management colleges in the world due to the rising number of hotels everywhere. Hence, students looking to pursue hotel management are constantly on the hunt for the best country for hotel management.

Reasons To Study Hospitality Management | Best Country For Hotel Management

 Diversity at Work – Working in the hospitality industry exposes you to different people, different working conditions, and different areas of work. Getting along with and being of service to people from varied walks of life, having to handle new situations each day, and getting an opportunity to work in different departments are exciting challenges not people in other professions are accustomed to. The best country for hotel management strives to give their students the best education and experiences and rightly train them for the employment market.

Salary Potential – There is a huge opportunity for professional growth in the hospitality sector and salary numbers keep steadily rising over the years. With some experience under your belt, you are qualified for a highly-paid post at the best hotels and hospitality companies in the world. The salary potential worldwide is highly lucrative with developed countries offering great working conditions and incentives too. Graduating from hotel management schools in the best country for hotel management gives you an upper hand and you can land yourself in the best of posts in the best of companies.

Engaging, early, and exciting responsibility – Fast growth on the job floods you with opportunities not only in the department you work but in several other departments and situations too. Upon your graduation, you are thrust all in and pick up essential skills in all areas at work. This kind of heavy responsibility early on preps you for an exciting professional journey ahead.

Innovation – The COVID-19 pandemic turned the whole world upside down and the hospitality sector was among those industries that bore the worst brunt. Since the stabilizing of the pandemic, it has bounced back and continues to flourish due to the high levels of innovation by all the people involved at different levels in the industry.

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Best Country For Hotel Management

  • Switzerland: Switzerland easily wins the title of the best country for hotel management. The country has carved a niche for itself as it houses some of the most prestigious hospitality and hotel management schools across the globe. Switzerland has been a pioneer in hotel management as the hospitality institutes there date back almost 125 years. Some of the most reputed hotel management schools in Swizterland are Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Les Roches International School of Management, and Glion Institute of Higher Education to name a few.
  • The Netherlands: The Netherlands boasts a hospitable culture and it is no surprise that it has also played its role in revolutionising the hotel industry. It is regarded as the best country for hotel management for good reason. Owing to the class-apart hospitality schools in the country, the Dutch culture for hospitality establishments dates back to the early 1900s. The best hospitality school in the Netherlands is touted to be Hotelschool The Hague which to this day aims to stay true to its motto of “At the heart of hospitality”.
  • United States of America: The USA boasts the most number of hospitality schools in the world. Contending to be the best country for hotel management, the hotel industry has transformed the country’s economy. In many ways, the hospitality industry is the backbone of one of the world’s superpowers due to its gigantic influx of income and economic support to over thousands with the vast number of people on its payroll. There are several universities throughout the States offering a variety of programmes in hospitality management. The Cornell School of Hotel Management is one of the USA’s best and among the world’s oldest hotel schools. 
  • United Kingdom: A country that thrives on hospitality and tourism due to its scenic locales, age-old history and rich heritage also belong in the league of the best country for hotel management. The UK has an excellent set of hospitality schools around the country with a world-class curriculum, facilities and partnerships with the world’s biggest hospitality conglomerates. Some of the most well-known universities providing courses in hotel management in the UK are De Montfort University, Coventry University and Falmouth University among others. 


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Best Country For Hotel Management | A Guide