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Nursing Studies MSc

University of Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

  • Tuition Fee 17,300
  • Country Rank#4
  • Duration12 Months
  • Score IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

Program Overview

The MSc Nursing Studies programme prepares and advances students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become confident, critical, analytical and research aware graduates. The programme provides opportunities to explore research as evidence for enhancing and changing practice and aims to advance the student's aptitudes in becoming confident, analytical and research aware. 

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Critically examine the knowledge and skills for problem solving, reflection and critical thinking, fundamental to professional development and advancing practice globally
  • Critically evaluate evidence informing  nursing practice in monitoring, co-ordinating and managing care across a variety of health care settings
  • Critically discuss national and international health strategies  in promoting, maintaining and restoring health and well-being
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written verbal and digital skills at individual and collaborative levels
  • Apply critical thinking skills and ethical decision-making required for advancing practice
  • Critically evaluate leadership and management theory and skills for working in collaborative teams in the provision of quality outcomes
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the research process
  • Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning while fostering self-development and self-evaluation
  • Demonstrate the ability to undertake independent learning activities
  • Value the contribution of research in advancing practice in the provision of quality care
  • Critically review current innovations and developments in leading and managing change in practice
  • Apply the knowledge, attitude and skills to critically review research, audit findings and other evidence.

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