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BSc Horticulture

Dublin City University

Dublin, Ireland

  • Tuition Fee 15,000
  • Country Rank#5
  • Duration48 Months
  • Score IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 92

Program Overview

Horticulture is the art, science, technology and business of intensive plant cultivation for human use. It is practised from the individual level in a garden up to the activities of a multi-national corporation. It is very diverse in its activities, incorporating plants for food and non-food crops and related services in plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction and maintenance, horticultural therapy and much more. These are all fundamental to developing and maintaining human health and well-being.The objective of this four year full-time degree is to produce graduates for the horticultural industries with applied skills developed at laboratory and field level in all aspects of growing and maintaining crops, with an appreciation of environmental impacts, and with the research skills to solve problems in horticulture.

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