UK Student Visa New Rules

There is a change in the UKs dependent policy effective 1st January 2024

It states that international students will no longer be able to bring their dependant partner or children to the UK

Exception - unless they are enrolled in a PhD or postgraduate research programme

You can extend your student dependent visa after January 2024 under one condition that is..

If the primary holder of the student visa (such as your spouse or parent) commenced their educational program prior to 1st January 2024, then..

You retain the eligibility to renew your dependant visa for the duration of their visa's validity, the rules are applicable for courses beginning after 1st Jan 2024

For further questions related to the dependent policy,

This update follows the amendments made to the Student visa policies on 17th July 2023

These earlier changes stipulate that students wishing to transition to a UK work visa must have completed their studies and secured a job with a start date subsequent to their course completion

Additionally, PhD students are required to have completed at least 24 months of their study before they can switch to a work visa, such as the Skilled Worker visa

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