Last Minute IELTS Speaking Tips to Score 8+

Practice speaking in English regularly:  The more you speak, the more comfortable you will feel with the language. Practice speaking with native speakers or even with yourself in front of a mirror.

Expand your vocabulary:  Make sure you know a wide range of vocabulary related to different topics. This will help you to express yourself better and avoid repeating words.

Focus on pronunciation and intonation:  Pay attention to the way native speakers pronounce words and try to imitate them. Also, vary your intonation to add more emphasis to your ideas and sound more engaging.

Don't be afraid to pause and think: It's better to take a few seconds to gather your thoughts and answer the question properly than to rush and give an incomplete or irrelevant answer.

Be confident and natural:  Speak with confidence and be yourself. The examiner wants to see your ability to communicate effectively in English, not your ability to memorize perfect answers.

Know About IELTS Speaking Topics To Achieving A Higher Band